Thursday, January 6, 2011

Google Africa

Google Africa has released a new website specifically for Africa.
The New website clearly outlines Google Africa's mission which includes:
  • Reducing access as a barrier to all potential users
  • Making the Internet relevant and useful to Africans
  • Helping strengthen an Internet ecosystem in Africa that is vibrant, and sustainable and self-sufficient in the long-term
More to that, the website has links to great resources for developersuniversities, tech businesses, those seeking  jobs to mention but a few. 

Google Africa has been around for some time now, in Uganda, we have had activities like G-Uganda that brought together tech enterpreneurs and developers, mapping competition and mapping party for the universities within Uganda. Google Global Caches are operational at some ISPs within Uganda and the Google University programme has been initiated within Universities in Uganda starting with Makerere University. 

Google Technology User Groups (GTUGs) are more like the LUGs (Linux User Groups) now, promoting the use of Google technologies and ICTs to businesses and individuals. You can join your local gtug by visiting the website

We believe Google will have great things for Africa in 2011.