Saturday, February 18, 2012

Global Android Developer Camp Kampala Ideas

GTUG Kampala is participating in the Global Android Developer Camp this weekend with close to 70 participants and 7 ideas being worked on.

The ideas and projects being worked on are:


I-travel is a mobile application running on an android platform. The importance of this mobile application is to assist an individual in booking  Flights,  hotel accommodation or even  bus tickets. The mode of payment is through PayPal or Mobile money.

Team Members:
Viola Bazanye, Aggrey Muhebwa, Mugume Davis Arthur, Moses Kalema, Isaac Omiati, Emmanuel Opio, Ronald Muvunyi, Raymond Zziwa, Victor Olweny

MiGwa bridges the gap between house buyers and sellers for rental or commercial purchase by acting as a catalogue for houses in Uganda by user preferred category.

We are a team of 7, including Muheirwe Julian, Kooma Benjamin, Kasagga Ronald,  Mpirirwe Byangwa Stephen.

Droidplex is the answer to all those whose teeth grind at thought of having to traverse Kampala to the cinema…only to realize that nothing of interest is being shown, to the poetic lover who woes in the loss of the knowledge “where for art thou play!!”.
And to many of us…who just want to know when a cool movie is coming out, and maybe get free seats.

Droidplex is an android app targeting all users with an affinity for the wide screen ( or high rise wooden platform ) and a grudge for unnecessary movement.

Hail ol’ couch potatoes!! Your lazy bone meister is here!

Team Members:
Bishaka Samuel <Project Manager>, Daniel Mumbere, Habimaana Silagi, Tebajjukira Henry, Bbaale Martin

Home Doc
Homedoc is an android application which provides you with the information which is very vital  for your health. It provides you with the signs and symptoms of various diseases and their treatment.
Homedoc also provides you with health tips and information about diet for various age groups. It furthermore provides with a list of hospitals, their address and contacts. Homedoc runs on atleast android platform 1.5

Team: Kizito Masaba

You can follow Homedoc on twitter @_Homedoc

This is a game app that determines how much one can tap their android phones
Daniel Okalany, Jasper Onono, Tukei Micheal, Acellam Guy, Pauline Amuge, Emma

PLOT@ is android application underneath social networking media that integrates users and their closest friends with their favorite hangout places around Uganda. Once logged in, a user is able to locate (geolocate) where their closest friends (who must also be logged into the application) are
hanging out. The user is also able to find out which places are ‘happening’ and what special offers are
being advanced at those specific places (For example, shots of red label at Ugsh.1000, which Dj is playing your favorite music).

Team: Paul Buchana, Moses Kafuko, Aziz Kirumira, James Muranga, Abdu Ssekalala, Muhatsi
Shaffic, Jacob Muhire, Remo Paul


Genda Maaso
Genda Maaso, My Travel Guide is an android mobile application that will help its users to easily locate their destination point, calculate the mileages, awares you the fair transport costs charged by buses and motor cycles, status of your destinations point that is weather condition, foreign exchange rates, search nearby infrasturature that is hotels, attractions, make reservations for them, and finally share your travel experience with your friends.

Team Members:
Sekabira Yasin, Mungalo Jesse, Beesasoh Fredie

Wafanyikazi is an that enables organisations and corporate companies upload employee details and these details are accessed by the public who verify that these are staff or organisations and companies.

Team: Daniel Nanghaka, Mutebi Tony
This app has the ability to verify employees and eradicate fraudulent and ghost employees in organizations and companies.



  1. Links to the Droidplex app:
    Twitter: @droid_plex

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